Dancing Dog Edit 9.27.15

Gentle Hatha

If you’re a beginner or trying yoga for the first time, this class is for you.  The Gentle Hatha class covers the basic traditional yoga poses to enhance flexibility, strength and alignment in a peaceful environment.  Poses may be held longer to allow students to fully experience the postures’ benefits.  Students work at their own level and modifications of poses are taught as needed.  We explore various meditation techniques to relax your mind, body and soul.          

Vinyasa Flow

For the intermediate yoga practitioner, our Vinyasa Flow class connects movement with the breath to create a continuous “flow” of poses.  This smooth rhythmic sequence strengthens the joints, tones the muscles and increases flexibility.  As always, poses can be modified to suit your physical limitations.  Students experience advanced meditation practices to not only relax the mind and body but to also transcend into a higher spiritual level.

Keung Lui Gung Power Yoga 

Keung Lui Gung (which translates to “Strong Inner Energy” in Hakka Chinese) incorporates power vinyasa yoga and various martial arts, including Shorin Ryu Karate, Tai Chi and Qi Gong.  Similar to vinyasa yoga, the art synchronizes body movement with the breath into a smooth, seamless flow.  It combines both yogic and martial arts poses with deep breathing to stretch the body and cultivate strong inner energy (aka “chi”).  Keung Lui Gung enhances upper body strength, activates the core, increases flexibility, improves balance and builds endurance. 

Chair Yoga (esp. for Seniors and People with Physical & Developmental Disabilities) 

Chair yoga is perfect for people with limited range of motion (e.g. arthritis) or physical and developmental disabilities (e.g. muscular dystrophy, down syndrome, etc.).  This form of yoga is especially beneficial for seniors as well.  It is also great for the corporate office worker who can sneak in a few stretches behind the desk!  This class comprises of modified yoga poses done completely in a chair.  Props, such as blocks and straps, may be used to enhance the posture’s effectiveness. 


In this “chill out” class,  multiple props are incorporated into every pose to relax your mind and body.  Pillows, blocks, straps and blankets will allow you to “melt” into the poses as you completely surrender yourself to the blissful atmosphere.  Poses are held for long periods of time to allow students to fully experience the euphoria of restorative yoga.   

Partner/Couples Yoga

Yoga is incredible with a partner.  Through various partner poses, you will use each other’s body weight to stretch your joints and muscles in ways never imagined.  This fun, intimate class is perfect for couples seeking to intensify or reignite the passion in their relationships!     

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