Senior Chair Yoga Testimonials

“Andrew is sensitive to the needs of older citizens. He is gentle and patient with his students. He has an agreeable personality with a good sense of humor.  He is always on time and he communicates well, for example, explaining how to hold a particular pose when the need arises. He willingly accommodates all students regardless of their level of knowledge of yoga. He shows concern and compassion for each student’s needs. He answers questions effectively.

My strength, balance, and flexibility were severely compromised two years ago.  I enrolled in a yoga class on the advice of my doctor.  In the past five weeks, I have seen an improvement in my ability to balance and in greater flexibility in my hips. Of particular help have been the poses of cat/cow, warrior 1 and 2, pigeon, triangle, revolving yin and yang, eagle arm,  goddess, downward dog, and tree, to name just a few.

I am getting a great deal out of Andrew Lee’s  fall 2015 class, and I am looking forward to signing up for his January 2016 class.  As a former night school GED teacher myself, I am quite satisfied with this young professional’s ability to teach yoga. I highly recommend him as an certified yoga instructor.” – Mary LoudinSenior Chair Yoga Student in West Milford, NJ

“I have been suffering with low back pain for the past 2 years and since taking Andrew’s class, the low back is greatly improved.  Some days, no pain at all.” – Betty Roche, Senior Chair Yoga Student in West Milford, NJ

“Andrew’s classes are excellent.  Different muscles groups are worked on.  I love this class.” – Maureen Findelstein, Senior Chair Yoga Student in West Milford, NJ

“Loved the class.  Andrew is great!” – Jackie McNeir, Senior Chair Yoga Student in West Milford, NJ

“Helped me with fibromyalgia pains.  Andrew’s very patient and the best!” – Liz Martinelli, Senior Chair Yoga Student, West Milford, NJ

“There are several very stressful areas in my life.  Just before the first two classes, I received some very disturbing news – remarkably after the class, I was amazingly peaceful and able to deal with the situation.  I am 78 and in relatively good shape, yet I feel my muscles so much more relaxed and coordinated.  Great class!”  Margaret Dooley, Senior Chair Yoga Student, West Milford, NJ       

“Love this class!!  Gentle, but effective way to stretch and strengthen.  It has helped my balance and range of motion.  Andrew Lee is a terrific instructor.  Highly recommend this course!”  Merrilee McKittrick, Senior Chair Yoga Student, West Milford, NJ       

“I have an autoimmune disease that makes my muscles stiff and movement difficult.  I find that the Senior Chair Yoga movements have reduced the stiffness and relieved much of the pain I used to have.  Andrew is an excellent teacher who is patient and helps me with the movements with which I have difficulty.  He does push me a bit when I need it, but does it in a supportive and positive way.  I enjoy this class and hope he continues to offer it for a long time.”  Janice Thomas, Senior Chair Yoga Student, West Milford, NJ 

“Very patient, knowledgable and helpful.  Andrew is a wonderful teacher!” – June Hazen, Senior Chair Yoga Student, West Milford, NJ       

“Andrew’s scaffolding stretches really helped my flexibility.” – Rosemary McNiff, Senior Chair Yoga Student, West Milford, NJ             

“For the past two months, I’ve been taking a chair yoga program with Andrew Lee.  Andrew has been great with us senior.  We enjoy his wit as well as his expertise.  Thanks to Andrew, my back issues have decreased and my balance has increased.” –Senior Chair Yoga Student, West Milford, NJ             

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