The Heart Monitor (Chicago Tribune)

“Strike a Pose: Yoga Can Have Heart Benefits” 

By Ari Bendersky 

Recently, I was featured in Ari Bendersky’s article on the benefits of yoga for heart health in the Heart Monitor Newsletter (Chicago Tribune).  Thanks for the oppourtunity Ari!

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Immortal Dragon Yoga Testimonials

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“I’ve wanted to try yoga for a while but was concerned about not getting aerobic benefits. I wanted to burn calories. I kept reading how important balance and flexibility is along with meditation. I went to Andrew’s class not knowing what to expect. I was nervous but saw several friendly faces from town. There were people at every skill level including beginners like me. The first class wasn’t easy but I told myself I would give it 3 months.

Within the next few weeks I noticed a big difference in how I felt. I never stretched before and it really makes a difference. Andrew will give variations of poses so you don’t feel overwhelmed. I can do poses now I couldn’t a month ago. We laugh a lot and every class is different.

I highly recommend trying out one of his classes. You’ll be surprised how good you feel.” – Christine Marie

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Yoga with Sapna “Expert Tips: Break Free From a Monotonous Yoga Routine”

I was featured in Yoga with Sapna’s blog article.  “Yoga With Sapna” logo courtesy of (

In December 2016, I was featured in Yoga with Sapna‘s article “Expert Tips: Break Free From a Monotonous Yoga Routine“.  In the piece, I offered my advice for yogis and teachers on how to make their practice more interesting.  It was an honor to featured alongside so many great yoga teachers who offered their wisdom.  Thank you Sapna!

“As a yoga teacher, I incorporate other movement disciplines into my classes such as martial arts, dance, pilates and fitness to break the monotonous yoga routine.  Currently, I am in the process of creating my own style that fuses these arts together.  I often create my own signature poses and sequences to make the class interesting and intriguing. You can add any element of fun to make yoga interesting.  Think of all your passions and combine them with yoga.  I’ve even seen some people combine painting with yoga.  They cover their hands and feet with non-toxic paint and practice yoga on a large art canvas.  With each and every movement, they create a painting with their limbs as brushes”  – Andrew Lee, RYT 200